Hi. I'm Peter Bouda.

Building state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing architectures.
The rest is LEGO.

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Here’s some stuff I made recently.


Text to Knowledge Graph project
for Regulatory Compliance Technology
#Spacy #NLP #SemanticWeb

Rasa Chatbots

Rasa chatbots and NLP
at a DAX company
#Rasa #Spacy #NLP #Python


Full-stack JavaScript development
for a crowd-investment platform
#JavaScript #Angular #LoopBack


Open Source Technology
for Language Diversity.
#Python #Flask #NLP


Web-based interactive installation
by Stephan Jürgens.
#JavaScript #three.js

PyQt book

GUI- und Anwendungsentwicklung
mit Python und Qt.
#Python #PyQt

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Going to the moon by building towers

This article was published on Hacker News today, a good overview and criticism of the current hype around NLP and speech-to-text in general. I like this comparison:

Stable production-grade NLP models usually are built upon data which is several orders of magnitude larger or the task at hand should be …


The Future is the Past - Moving on

After reading the millionth “Corona and the future of work” post you might actually want to go to hibernate mode and wake up after everything settled to see that nothing changed. But what would be a “change” anyway? I prefer to see the current crisis as an accelerator, so things …


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