Angular Seed Project with Firebase

To learn more about Firebase, and specifically how to connect an Angular application to it, I started to implement a little seed project that provides basic functionality to register users via e-mail/password combination and let them login to a profile page. Registered and confirmed users can currently change their mail address in their password in the profile. I used the ng-bootstrap module for the UI, which was a great opportunity to learn some basics about Bootrap 4 also.

The usage of the angularfire2 module was a bit tricky, some functionality is not (yet) available in the module and one has to use the JavaScript firebase SDK, which is fortunately part of the angularfire2 module. Have a look at the AuthService class to sees some details.

I hope that this project serves well as the basis of my next web projects, I also plan to update it regularly whenever I learn something or when new versions of Angular and the CLI are published. Currently it uses Angular 4.0.0 and version 1.0.0 of the CLI, so everything is shiny new :) The project is available on Github:

I am happy to get any feedback, let me know what you think about the seed. Is it useful, and what could be improved?

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