Angular Workshop at TUGA IT 2017 in Lisbon

I am happy to announce my next public Angular workshop, at the The workshop will take place on May 18th, and it will be a joint workshop about Angular and Xamarin. Get ready for a full day of cross-platform development! For those of you that are planning to build a web application, and specifically those that want to roll out their app on multiple platforms, this will be a perfect opportunity to get into two of the major platforms for modern app development! Sign up for the workshop here, there is still some time left for Early Bird tickets:

Get up-to-speed with all the new features and improvements in recent Angular versions to develop your first web application with the help of this superheroic framework!

The workshop will be “hands on”, i.e. we will architect a little (demo? no!) real-world Angular application with user registration, login and basic interaction with user data. You will learn about all the key concepts of Angular to develop and maintain complex web applications and how to publish them. The basic application we will develop can act as a cornerstone for your own next-generation web idea and will give you a quick start into modern web application development.

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