Embedded Qt with Buildroot

I already posted about my project Die Brummbeere, an ownCloud music player built with Qt. For the development on the Raspberry, I am heavily dependent on Buildroot, which is an awesome project to quickly build your own Linux system with customized libraries and applications. Qt5 is part of the packages provided by Buildroot, but it still took me a while to figure out all the dependencies that I need to have OpenGL support, build a usable Qt multimedia module and get network access with SSL/TLS support. I thought that this setup might be intersting to others and extracted the basic configuration from the Die Brummbeere project and created a seperate Buildroot project that just compiles Qt, with support for remote deployment in Qt Creator via SSH. In the end it’s just a Buildroot configuration files and a few simple scripts. Oh, and a README, of course :-) It’s available on GitHub:


Let me know if you think this is useful!

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