Making an Angular UI Bootstrap accordion scrolling to top when opening

I am using the UI Bootstrap Angular directives, specifically the accordion directive, within one of our projects at MAJ Digital. Now I was looking for a way to scroll to the top of the accordion content, when it is too large to fit on a screen. By default, the directive will be opened at the middle of the content, so the user does not see the top and bottom of the panel. A compact solution requires jQuery, for example in a directive like the following:

( function() {
    'use strict';

     * Makes the `uib-accordion-group` element scroll to top on the
     * `` event. We use it in bootstrap accordions, when the
     * user opens one of the accordion items this directive will scroll the
     * item to the top of the screen.
    angular.module( 'app.shared' )
    .directive( 'scrollTop', scrollTop );

    function scrollTop() {
        return {
            restrict: 'A',
            link: link

    function link( scope, element ) {
        scope.collapsing = false;
        var jqElement = $( element) ;
        scope.$watch( function() {
            return jqElement.find( '.panel-collapse' ).hasClass( 'collapsing' );
        }, function( status ) {
            if ( scope.collapsing && !status ) {
                if ( jqElement.hasClass( 'panel-open' ) ) {
                    $( 'html,body' ).animate({
                        scrollTop: jqElement.offset().top - 20
                    }, 500 );
            scope.collapsing = status;
        } );

} )();

You can then use the scroll-top directive on the uib-accordion-group, just like this:

<uib-accordion-group is-open="status.openPanel" scroll-top>

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