Ovi-Chaos-Tage, Update

Jetzt wird’s langsam witzig: nach dem ganzen Hin und Her die letzten Tage bekomme ich heute folgende E-Mail (und die muss ich hier komplett zitieren, sonst glaubt’s mir ja keiner…):

Dear publisher,

We have considered the case where end user might bought this content
when it was in maemo content type and will be unable to re-download the
same content for free after migration of content, we decide to not go
ahead with the migration of Maemo to Qt. Therefore, this content will be
left in edit mode. Please do not modify or change this Qt content.


Ovi publisher support

Kommando (halb) zurück, also. Das Chaos in meinem Account räumt mir aber wohl keiner auf.

Hier, Nokia, mein Vorschlag für die nächste Mail, zwecks eurem Handy-Ausschuss:

Dear customer,

We have considered the case where end user might bought this device and
will be unable to use it and be dissatisfied, we decided not to ahead
with the production of mobile phones. Therefore, we will only build
tires, rubber boots and raincoats again, from now.


Ovi Tyres Support

Lustig, oder?

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