The current state of JavaScript ecosystem

There is currently a lot of talk about the problems of the current JavaScript ecosystem, only sometimes there are also solutions mentioned. In general it seems there is a consensus that tooling, libraries and frameworks are changing very rapidly and it’s hard to keep track with the changes and choose a future-proof solution for your next project. Here are two links with a good summary of the situation:

Javascript Fatigue

The Deep Roots of Javascript Fatigue

When you read the first post carefully I think it mentions one of the sources of the problem: that there was not much going on for a while. The situation was kind of stuck due to problems in the specification process, so now everybody is trying to catch up. And of course it is kind of a trend in general to always choose the latest technology whether you really know it makes sense or not. You do an online search for the best JS framework and then go with React, so React will get popular. That creates a snowball effect on its own. But the posts also have an outlook that is often mention: 2016 will be the year of consolidation, so in a few month we will have a better picture. I agree to that. Whatever happens, things will stay interesting!

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