TwoMusic: Open Source audio player for ownCloud

I started to work a new Qt application recently, a music player for ownCloud. It is very similar to my “Music In The Sky” Windows Phone app, the main difference is that it loads your music from ownCloud instead of OneDrive. The main feature still is the folder navigation, so now library or whatever is build from your music. I still prefer to have my own structure for my music, without any library, so basically the player is built for my own needs. The app is published under the GPL v2, and if you know how to compile Qt application you may already find it usable… There is still a lot to improve, but my focus is now on how to run this app on different platforms. I am very curious to see how easy/difficult it is to adapt a modern, QML-based app to all kinds of mobile and desktop environments. Here is the Github link:

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